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Luxury vinyl flooring is an outstanding choice for any space in your home, with benefits for every area. When you shop for the best products, you'll want options that match your needs. Here are some facts that will help you choose the perfect surface, no matter your need.

Understanding stone and wood plastic composites

Stone plastic composite, known as solid polymer core, or SPC for short, is a rigid core material made with stone powder and other ingredients. It consists of wear, vinyl, core, and underpadding layers. The stone materials give you a more rigid vinyl plank flooring with a thinner profile than some engineered products. Wood plastic/polymer composite (WPC) uses wood by-products instead of stone and has a thicker profile. Still, it offers many of the same features, including waterproof benefits and a quick and easy installation. Both products are easy to install and give you stunning wood and stone looks on the surface, including textures, colors, and formats.

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Pros and cons

One of the most essential pros regarding luxury vinyl flooring is that they don't feel as synthetic underfoot. However, it's still comfortable and quiet and maintains a warmer temperature, which makes LVP and LVT flooring perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms. In addition, stunning visuals give you another reason to choose this product line, including products that mimic ash, pine, and ebony wood flooring. Cons include that WPC and SPC flooring do not add the value to your home that wood and stone floors do, even though they look like them. However, 100% waterproof protection means more to some homeowners, making it very valuable to them. We'll consider each product's attributes to ensure you find the material that works best for you.

Luxury vinyl or laminate?

Luxury vinyl flooring is the better choice if you're looking for a longer lifespan, as it lasts almost twice as long as laminate. However, if comfort is your concern, the added thickness of laminate could make it more valuable in your household. While you're here, ask us more about how these products compare and which will serve you best.
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