Flooring deep clean and restoration


Flooring deep clean and restoration

Sometimes, floor cleaning in McKinney, TX, and surrounding areas requires more than a broom and mop to accomplish the necessary deep cleaning. Whether you need water damage repairs or the deepest possible cleaning, there are options that will help you achieve the perfect results. We're happy to discuss them with you when you visit us, and here's some information to get you started.

Pets and children

If you have pets, children, or both, you already know it's a constant struggle to keep the cleanest floors in the rooms they can access. Spills, accidents, footprints, and food can make flooring restoration and cleaning a necessity, so it’s nice to know there are cleaning solutions available.



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Water damage and more

Many other issues can warrant professional cleaning services, including water damage. When spills or flooding occur, we have the commercial capabilities to alleviate as much damage as possible. The longer the dampness, humidity, and water stand in place, the more damage it does to your flooring. Immediate action is always the best solution, and we take your needs seriously. We start by working quickly to assess the damage and devise solutions for hardwood restoration and other issues. We work with the same quick, attentive characteristics in other matters, too, including mold and mildew remediation, fire damage, and more, so speak with a specialist when you visit us today.

The Bona power scrubber

One of our best resources is the Bona Power Scrubber, which works on just about all flooring types except carpeting. It provides the deepest cleaning, with brushes that counter-rotate, offering the highest performance of any machine. It's compact, but this in no way limits its decisive cleaning action.
Flooring deep clean and restoration in McKinney, TX from North Texas Flooring Solutions

We cater to your flooring restoration needs

At North Texas Flooring Solutions, we've provided extensive services over the years to homeowners, builders, and developers, especially regarding cleaning and maintenance. We know how vital clean floors are, and we specialize in achieving results you can stand on. We're devoted to ensuring your complete satisfaction, and you'll find out why when you speak with one of our specialists.

We serve from a showroom in McKinney, TX, and we invite you to visit us for the best floor cleaning in McKinney, TX. Our service areas include Dallas, TX, Broken Bow, OK, Southlake, TX, Frisco, TX, Prosper, TX, and surrounding areas, and we look forward to earning your business. Stop by when you’re ready to talk about your needs for flooring deep clean and restoration.