Why do I see cracks in my hardwood floors?
Wood is a porous material that will naturally contract and expand during the different seasons. Shrinkage can occur due to low humidity during the dry and winter months. Shrinkage causes gaps and cracks to be more visible. In the wet and summer months, expansion can occur due to high humidity. Being aware of the humidity level in your home will help protect your investment and assure your floors last for years to come!

What can I do about Humidity in my home?
The ideal humidity point for wood flooring is between 30-50%. Having a humidifier can help prevent shrinkage during the dry and winter months by maintaining the humidity levels in the home. A dehumidifier can be used in the wet and summer months to help prevent expansion.

Does my home’s temperature affect my floors?
Yes! The ideal temperature for hardwood floors is between 60 and 80 degrees. Monitoring your home’s temperature and humidity will help your new floors continue looking nice!

How can I prevent Discoloration?
Floors will naturally darken or lighten over time, but this can be accelerated in areas of direct sunlight. While rugs are great for protecting your floors in areas of high foot traffic and can help minimize scratched from furniture, they can also contribute to discoloration. Areas of direct sunlight can cause a noticeable difference in color due to fading. If you are using area rugs or mats over your floors, make sure they do not have sticky or plastic backings.