Carpet types for your space

When it’s time to choose the perfect carpet style, you’ll benefit from knowing there are plenty from which to choose. Each style offers various benefits that could give you the perfect fit based on your requirements. Here are some beautiful carpet options for your consideration.

Understanding terminology

You'll hear specific terms repeatedly as you shop, and we'd like to help you understand them. Once you do, you’ll make more informed decisions and yield better results. So, here are some standard terms and what they mean.

  • Fiber - Manmade or natural, this is the material that makes up the flooring.
  • Pad - You may also hear it called cushion or carpet installation underlayment, consisting of fiber, rubber, or foam.
  • Pile - This term covers the part of the carpeting you can see, with loops or cut loops for texture.
  • Density - The denser the yarns, the closer they are to one another within the piece, which gives better quality.

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Factors that bring the best carpeting

Searching for the perfect carpet for your project can be a daunting task. However, if you have a firm grasp of your specific requirements, it helps. Here are some questions to ask as you shop.

  • Does the fiber fit my cleaning needs?
  • Is it a good carpet choice for the room that needs flooring?
  • Is it pet/child friendly?
  • Does it need an underlayment?

Fiber types

There are several types of fiber used to make carpeting. Each one comes with specific benefits you should weigh against your list of needs. Consider these choices.

  • Wool - An all-natural, sustainable choice that is durable and highly stain resistant.
  • Acrylic - The most common wool alternative, though not available widely.
  • Olefin - This fiber is an excellent choice for mold, mildew, and moisture resistance, but not as comfortable as the other fibers.
  • Nylon - The most popular carpeting fiber, offering resistance to daily wear and outstanding carpet durability.
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Construction and quality

You’ll note two constructions known as loop pile and cut pile, depending on whether the fibers are cut once they pass through the backing. One popular loop style is Berber, which offers durable, short-looped fibers. Cut pile yields plush, saxony, frieze, and cable carpeting.

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